Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everyone's Favorite Day

Happy Crane Day!

Every February 15 we former Hanszenites celebrate the day a construction crane almost fell on our dorm but didn't. The most fitting way to spend this holiday is by playing hookie and drinking beer, in honor of the original event in 2001 - since we were prevented from going home and in no mood to go to class, someone ordered a keg instead. However, I didn't do any of either today. I worked until 7pm and came home to my Netflix of Sex and the City. Still, that doesn't make it any less special a day.

The famous Crane Day came not long after workers digging in one of Houston's omnipresent field drainage ditches hit a natural gas line and caused another Hanszen evacuation, which came many years after a fire destroyed the commons. Folks at Will Rice called it "God's 3 Failed Attempts to Smite Hanszen College". Of course God failed - we have The Guardian out front. HFH forever!

That is, until they tear it down to build the ExxonMobil George "F" Bush College.

Okay, I realize it's been an inexcusably long time since I last made a worthy posting. I'll try to do something about that soon.