Thursday, January 22, 2009


1. Barack Obama is not black. He's mixed race. He's black and he's white. Growing up I was taught that it was rude to define a person by what is only a portion of their heritage. People think Kentuckians are racist, but even we knew this simple courtesy.

2. What, precisely, is so great about Joel Grey? I mean really?

3. In what subject did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have his PhD? Did he do a dissertation and defense or was it honorary? If I'm so curious why do I never look this up in wikipedia?

4. Whatever happened to Tempestt Bledsoe? I liked her.

5. When you meet someone for the first (and sometimes second) time, and they introduce themselves by giving you their name, you are under an obligation to give your name in return. If you respond by saying "Pleased to meet you" and nothing else, you should be punished.

6. If a movie trailer includes one or more shots of the main character falling down or tripping over something, that movie is not worth seeing.

7. At 2AM I literally sat bolt upright in bed and said "Aha! John Galecki played Sara Gilbert's boyfriend on 'Roseanne' and now Sara Gilbert is playing John Galecki's girlfriend on "Big Bang Theory"! Amazing!" I feel like this is the definitive proof that I watch too much TV.

8. John Williams would kick Stephen Sondheim's ass in a fight. Or, if I were lucky, they would gang up on John Rutter.

9. If the press doesn't stop talking about Aretha Franklin's hat and Michelle Obama's dress and Justice Roberts' tongue twister, I will personally declare war on someone just so they will have something else to report.

10. On TV, people sometimes refer to their sisters as "sis". Does anyone in real life actually DO that?