Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wind it Up!

It's official: I'm moving to Southern California at the end of June!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back-Post: 2008 Part 3

The end of March and beginning of May, Mom and Dad came in from Kentucky, and they and Carmalyn and I went sailing in the bay, then hiking in the Redwoods. It was cold but it was fun. Check it out!

Bay Sailing


Back-Post: 2008 Part 2

February I travelled for work - and thus can't tell you anything about it except that it was an adventure! I was very cold celebrating Crane Day.

In March I went to Oakland and had lunch with Sunil from Hanszen. After a year, I finally responded to his comment from my last Crane Day blog post. I know, I know, so bad of me!

After that, I had an afternoon and no cash, so I worked my way into the City, up Coit Tower, back down, and back to Oakland. Amazingly enough, I pulled it off. I hung out with Carmalyn and her fiance at their new place on the beach in Alameda (no, he's not standing closer to the camera than us, he's just that tall!).

Back-Post: 2008 Part 1

Hey, I'm making progress!

In January I visited Carmalyn again. We flew kites for a while then attempted for the second time to see the camera obscura at Cliff House, and once again it was closed! I think I may never see it. The day wasn't ruined, however - we hung out on the beach for a while.

Also in January I went to an SAE and my colleagues told me that I was amost famous on the Japanese nightly news! That's where I work, too, in case you were wondering.

Back-Post: 2007 Part 7

Winter break I spent in Florida with my family, as usual, plus my sister's boyfriend and his dad. It was nice, but not long enough. We went sailing, kayacking, snorkeling, beach relaxing, etc. Once I even saw a manatee and calf swim right up to the dock for some chillin! I'm trying to be high-tech, so I hope this embedded Picasa show works!