Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No blog would be complete without...

... an adorable kitty collage!

Here are my two little ones, Ginger and Dusty.
Here's a fun game: guess which cat has which creative name!

Last Sunday I came home from running errands, and Dusty was on the porch waiting for me but Ginger wasn't. Immediately I felt something was wrong. Looked around a little and couldn't find her, tried to tell myself that she would come in eventually, but still couldn't kick the feeling that she was in trouble and needed me. The second time I went looking for her, I ran into my neighbor, and found out that his dog had chased her into a toolshed, where she had been hiding for hours and couldn't get out! I had to go rescue her, and although she was a little shaken she was fine.

Hey, I guess I do have a maternal instinct!

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