Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thought(s) of the Day

They Said It Best - Part 1:
"I'm not alone 'cause the TV's on-
I'm not crazy 'cause I take the right pills every day."
-Jimmy Eat World

Last Sunday I was taking out the recyclables and slipped on a tiny avocado that had fallen on my porch overnight. I stayed upright, but slid three or four steps with my right foot in front of me and my left foot underneath (a la Lucas H's "running man" impression). Ouch.

There was a guy biking across the street. He glanced over when I started to fall, but soon returned to his own world and was halfway down the street by the time I slid to a stop. Once I had established that all my appendages were still attached, I shouted "I'm okay!", partially so he wouldn't worry, and partially to point out what a jackass he was being by not bothering to take two seconds of his time and ask if I was alright.

I can now almost walk normally again, although the top of my foot is still purple and scratched - it doesn't hurt so much now as itches, which I guess is proof that the scrapes are healing.

Advice from the Big H: watch where I'm going.

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