Saturday, July 29, 2006

#1 at the Box Office for HOW LONG?

Last night I organized a work outing to dinner and "Dead Man's Chest". I had been looking forward to it for the past three weeks, and I was super-stoked.

I haven't been this disappointed since Serenity.

Amazing that they were only able to capture about 5% of the brilliance and fantasy from "Black Pearl", one of my favorites. So dark and violent! That's precisely NOT why the first one was so great - the original flick drew on all the intriguing pirate stereotypes and added extremely witty dialogue, brilliantly-portrayed characters, fantastic action sequences, and great music. The new flick boasted the same characters (and a bigger role for Jack Davenport!), but was filled with misery, ignorant portrayals of native South Americans, grossness, and completely distracting extras with various sea creatures stuck to or in place of their heads.

Jerry Bruckheimer, take heed for #3 or you'll end up with the sullied reputation of Star Wars!

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