Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am a recovering couch potato...

... or at least I plan to be. Someday.

In an attempt to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I went to Tahoe last weekend with Carmalyn. Since it's California, it was packed, but we had a good time. We also got an unintentional free Mellencamp concert by staying in a hostel next to Harvey's. Unbeknownst to me (and also to John Cougar),
Dan Quayle was also there.

Saturday we took a kayak tour through Emerald Bay, then went biking along the river, and had dinner with Carmalyn's beau, who was up at a regatta (=sailboat race, for the lubbers who are reading this). Sunday we went biking again around the estates of the early white residents before heading home again. Perhaps miraculously, I wasn't sore from this sudden spurt of activity, but boy was I tired!

Being summer in NorCal, the weather was clear, and being in the Sierras provided a good break from the heat in the Valley (today's temp in Sacramento: 112 F, according to my window thermometer). But, being summer in NorCal, it was sunny! I had to wear my sunglasses and a really ugly hat to keep the light to a tolerable level (see photo).

Tahoe is the third deepest lake in N. America, and is wide enough to be seen from space. These two characteristics were evident in the fact that the water was really blue and really COLD!! We attempted swimming once, but couldn't get in past our blue, numb feet.

Below are pictures of Emerald Bay, Carmalyn wading, and the Sierras:

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