Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Finally took the plunge...

...and got myself a blog. Now I'm officially part of my generation (and you thought the year you were born had something to do with it).

Disclaimer: Sorry, there will be no husband/baby photos here. Just me.
You can judge for yourself if that's worth visiting every now and then.

For those of you with whom I've lost touch over the past few years, here's a short update:

May 2005: Got job as fuel cell vehicle engineer with Toyota at the California Fuel Cell Partnership (www.cafcp.org), moved to Sacramento, CA. Still here and loving it.

September 2004: Got job as "energy analyst" (==consultant) for DOE with Energetics, moved to Ellicott City, MD - didn't like it very much, and my boss didn't like me very much. Survived 9 months before quitting.

May 2004: Graduated Penn State with MS in mechanical engineering at the Electrochemical Engine Center (fuel cells and batteries - I studied fuel cells). Unfortunately I had some serious health problems and just managed to get by, so these two years were not very fun.

May 2002: Graduated Rice University with BS in mechanical engineering, moved to State College Pennsylvania to start graduate study. Good way to spend four years.

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