Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Crane Day

Crane Day is traditionally celebrated by truancy and drinking beer shockingly early in the day.

Today I had nothing to be truant to, and I've given up alcohol, so I celebrated a little differently: by getting lost in Redondo Beach trying to find the restaurant where I was meeting a colleague for breakfast. Of course, if I only got lost in Redondo Beach on holidays, we must have had a lot of holidays this year.

Two of my friends had babies this week. This is a good illustration of the amount of baby-having that's been going on the last 10 months or so. If I change my facebook status to "Andrea is not pregnant", now you'll understand.

I just joined a choir in Torrance. I missed the registration deadline, but I begged the director to audition and he made a special arrangement for me to register and get music. I'd like to think that I was so fabulously talented that he couldn't live without me, but judging from my audition after 7 months of not singing, I think he was just nice and could tell I was desperate. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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