Monday, May 14, 2007

J. Haydn: The Creation

Valley Choral Society is singing Haydn's oratorio The Creation in our concert this weekend.
Legend has it that on a trip to England Haydn was so inspired by The Messiah that he rushed home to write an equally moving oratorio.

Needless to say, it's not as famous as Messiah, perhaps not unfairly.
I deduct 2 points each time a recit ends with a V-I cadence, so already it has to recover from a 40-point deficit in my "music-o-meter". I also subtract points for beginning a recit/sentence with "And" and ending with "And it was so" or "And it was good".

But it has its moments.

Take, for instance, this passage, a depiction of the creation of days and nights. Corelli himself could hardly pull off a better set of suspensions.

That, friends, is why ole' Haydn is and always will be The Man.

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