Saturday, May 05, 2007

Texas Tour - Day 1 (3/27)

Day 1: Austin

My hotel room in Austin under the freeways was interesting - for instance, there was a hole in the wall. For another instance, to go from the room to the office involved passing through an overhang with the roof falling off.

Had lunch (reocurring theme: Indian!) with Britton, who now has a Prius, a lawnmower, and a son, then went to a coffee shop for more catching up. He currently works in downtown, and his office building is NICE!

Eventually he had to return to work, and I went back to the hotel to do some work (what was I thinking?). For dinner I caught up with Simi, law professor and mother of two adorable girls with gorgeous names (Andolyn and Mariela)!

I thought my fun ended there, but luckily we finally got a hold of our theatre friend Tom, now also a proud papa. The two of us met him and his wife and closed down the bar catching up on the past 6 years or so.

I noticed at the end of the day that a) I was the only single person among all the people I saw today, and b) I was the only one who had gained weight since college! Yikes!

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