Friday, March 14, 2008

Back-Post: 2007 Part 5

In August I flew out to Chicago for the wedding reception of my friend Saima. After a year, she had finally imported her husband from Pakistan! I enjoyed meeting him. What a looker! Since Yolanda is now also hooked up to a hunk from South Asia, they are trying to find me a husband next. I say, if you must, please find one that can cook vegetarian. And can clean.


Labor Day I went to the California State Fair with my co-worker Brian, his girlfriend, and her parents. It was a typical state fair, with plenty of fried everything. In this picture, I am eating last year's winner for "Best New Fried Thing", fried Coca-Cola! The fried Coke fell a little flat (get it?), but boy did we have a great time.

The coolest thing about the fair was the stunt bikers. Watch these crazy guys! If you turn up the sound you might hear me screaming like a little girl!

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