Saturday, March 08, 2008

Back-posting: 2007 Part 2

Not long after I got back from my birthday excursion, a mother and son humpack whales got lost migrating north and ended up in the Port of Sacramento, less than a mile from where I work, and at least 80 miles from the ocean! After a week, specialists were able to herd them back downriver but lost them in San Pablo Bay. Everyone assumes they made it back to the ocean safely.

I visited several times and was able to get some video. If you search YouTube for "Sacramento port whales", you may find better ones. (Hey! I just found out you can load videos directly onto BlogSpot instead of YT!)

You know, May was just a busy month in general. After the whales returned home, I went to Ohio for my cousin Vince's wedding, then the same weekend I went bicycling in Golden Gate Park with Berkeley Ben (well, he went, biking, I just made a fool of myself).

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