Friday, March 14, 2008

Back-Post: 2007 Part 6

In October I did oh-so-much travelling. By this point, work was really starting to get to me. You guys know how much I love my job, but after all that work and the hospital visit, etc., I was in serious need of some good times. Luckily, October was full of them.

Not uncommonly, these occured around business trips. I was lucky that in October my company sent me to a couple places I knew people. In October we supported Speed Festival in San Diego and I was able to take one night to have dinner with my college friend Elisabeth. I never remember to take photos when we go out! We went to a hippie Veggie restaurant and had a wonderful time. For some reason, when I'm around Elisabeth we can't stop laughing.

Next up was Fuel Cell Seminar in San Antonio. After my plane landed I drove to Austin, where Teresa got together some area folks. It was nice, and I met Britton's son Peter for the first time (see the picture - look at all those babies!). A few days later, I met another college friend Keedy for dinner, and had another wonderful time.

For Thanksgiving I went to my college friend Danny's house for the third year in a row. What a great tradition. I always have so much fun there, and aside from seeing Danny and his parents again, I also get to meet his friends and relatives from the area. But like with Elisabeth, I can never remember to get a photograph!

The rest of the weekend I visited Carmalyn. On the train on the way back I had a spectacular view of the sunset over the Bay. This was taken with my new phone - I got it to replace the RAZR that I thought I'd lost but found as soon as I got the new one.

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